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Sculptra works to restore lost volume by stimulating the body to produce collagen. After the age of 25, we begin to lose about 1% of our collagen every year. As a result, wrinkles, lines and folds gradually appear and deepen over time. By age 50, not only do we have soft tissue loss, but bone density begins to decrease.

Sculptra is a bio-stimulatory dermal filler. Gradually over time, it stimulates natural collagen production. It is often used in conjunction with other dermal fillers to achieve the most natural look, making you look and feel refreshed and youthful. Sculptra was FDA approved in 2009 and can last up to 2 years or more.

Areas you can treat with Sculptra: non-surgical butt lift, temples, tear troughs, jawline, cheeks, nasolabial folds, décolleté, backs of the hands, marionette lines, chin.


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Recovery Overview

There is swelling and bruising after treatment, which typically is most
prominent in the first week. No strenuous exercise for 24 hours after
procedure. If bruising occurs, you can apply topical Arnica gel, drink
fresh pineapple juice, and/or take Bromelain supplements to help
bruising resolve faster. You will have an immediate effect, but due to its bio-stimulatory effects full effects will take several weeks.